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Tips on dealing with the cons of investing in stocks

The stock market is full of ups and downs which puts investment on big risks. This circles on rise and drop of stock value, which translates to profit and loss for investors. Hence, you should know the cons and risks of stock investment before putting any amount. It’s even better to consult seasoned traders at Truebell Capital for some advice.

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Knowing about the risks of stock investment helps in minimizing its effects. For example, it keeps you away from big losses in an event of market crash. This assures you’ll receive back all or most of your initial investment regardless of the situation.

Avoid or handle stock investment disadvantages through these wise steps

Here are few common disadvantages of stock investments, and short tips to handle or avoid them favourably. However, be sure to get in touch with investment managers at Truebell Capital for expert guidance.

Stock value decrease

The value of stocks changes drastically every now and then. And the stocks you’ve invested can drop its value on given factors, which leaves you with little to zero returns. However, this risk primarily circles on what stocks you’d invest, since some stocks promises steady increase in value.

Proficient research is the key to avoid such risk in stock investment. Avoid focusing merely on high value and high return on investment. Instead, find stocks with good value stability according to its market performance. Moreover, consider talking with experts at Truebell if you’re having difficulties in understanding technical data of different stock options.

Company bankruptcy

Stock holders are usually paid last in an event of bankruptcy, since a company pays creditors or favoured stock holders first. This puts you at risk of receiving no reimbursement, or waiting too long for it.

But this case is avoidable by finding the right company for a stock investment. Check the background of each company you’re considering, and pick one that presents reliable contingency plan in case of bankruptcy. Also, consult Truebell Capital to help you find a company with small chance of going broke in the near future.

Emotionally exhausting

Your own emotions also affect the outcome of your stock investment. It can cloud your judgement, which subsequently leads you to poor decision and horrible risks. For example, it’s possible to fall on impulse buying of more stocks with the hope to earn more. On the other hand, fear and hesitations pushes you to sell your stocks on unfavourable value.

Thus, be sure to curb your behaviours and emotions while engaging with any investment activities. For example, know how much you’re willing to spend, and don’t get easily lured into any offers without research. And it’s also wise to have professional advice along the way, so somebody would keep your decisions in check. Hence, connect with Truebell Capital for expert guidance.

Risks and disadvantages are inseparable from the stock market. But note that you’re in control with your decisions, which is your best tool to use in finding the right stock. Of course, consulting experts is a wonderful step to do, such as getting in touch with Truebell today.

Financial Services

Importance of professional accountants in this competitive business world

Accounting will not end with writing details of receipts and expenditure; in fact, this could be called as the beginning of professional accounting. As experts point out, accounting basically involves classifying, recording and quantifying the transaction in terms of money or monetary value. Naturally, this would help in evaluating the performance of the organization and evolve strategies for further progress. This is one of the important roles played by Accounting firms Melbourne market has today.

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Analysis of financial health:

Now take a look at some of the other important facets of accounting.  Basically, the accountant is entrusted with the task of safeguarding the interests of the organization. He makes this by having a tab on all financial transactions and also by making candid financial analysis and reporting it at regular intervals. From this point of view, similar to an auditor, even theaccounting firms Melbourne based too could be regarded as watchdogs of the organization.

Different branches of accounting:

As you know, accounting has different specialized areas like costing, taxation, auditing and so on. Despite these being specialized areas, the professional accountant must have fair knowledge of matters relating to these exclusive branches of accounting.

An accountant is regarded as an invaluable asset of the organization. It is because he streamlines the entire accounting system by adopting several scientific procedures. He will ensure that every dollar is genuinely spent. The role of an accountant can be further explained as follows:

·        As you may be aware that the balance sheet is one of the important accounting documents, which reflect the financial stability of the organization. The professional accountant must be capable of adopting various analytical tools to analyze the balance sheet and make out the financial health of the organization. In fact, the professional accountants even make a comparative study of balance sheets of similarly placed firms. This analysis helps the company to draw strategies so as to gain financial stability.

·        It is an undisputed fact that if finance is not properly handled, then it can lead to several loopholes, further leading to a financial crisis in the organization. To avert such a situation, theaccounting firms Melbourne market has today make a detailed analysis of every transaction and ensure its genuineness. They evolve strategies to plug loopholes in account procedures and thereby safeguard the interest of the organization.

·        With their analytical mind, the accounting professional will be able to evolve a roadmap for the progress of the organization. He does this by evolving various strategies to reduce cost and also improve efficiency. The accountant must be wedded to the principle of business ethics, and it is for this purpose professional accountant is held in high esteem.

·        The importance of a professional accountant is not limited to only business houses. Every organization and every business house irrespective or the nature of organization or size of business will have to avail the services of these professional accountants.

·        Remember, the proactive role played by a professional accountant is helpful to both business houses and also every kind of organization, including social organizations. A professional accountant is competent enough to guide the government in matters relating to proper maintenance of accounts. From this point of view, professional accountant could be called as a protector of public interest.


Experts in accounting point out that every business house and organization should carefully consider the opinions expressed by the professional accountants.

Financial Services

Hire a Bookkeeper – Run Your Businesses Smoothly

Every business small, medium and big will need to have bookkeepers. In reality, some of the citizens in the higher income bracket may also require the help of such a specialist to present their income and expenditure and investments. When it comes to the uninformed man or woman on the street, the average news about bookkeepers might be of the negative kind. But that could possibly constitute only a rare fraction in the profession and such instances can be very few and far between. You can, therefore, go ahead and engage a good bookkeeper Perth has to offer, if you live there, and ensure that your books are maintained properly.

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The Larger the Setup the Higher the Need

If you are running a business that employs a number of people, then there are additional requirements in terms of the documents to be created and maintained. These go beyond the normal book of reflecting the income and expenditure in the business. When it comes to the records of employees, the payrolls need to be maintained and the benefits they are entitled to account for and the information systems put in place. The Perth bookkeeper will help you do all these leaving you with the freedom to focus on running and expanding the business.

Study the Details of all the Services that You Can Get

It is only when you go through the set of services the bookkeeper in Perth is able to offer that you will know the kind of records that need to be created in the first place. You will find that the key document remains the income and expenditure using the appropriate accounting package. Most companies would already be having such a technology already on their systems. When you hire a bookkeeper Perth market has today, he or she would be able to provide the assistance in updating the entries. The business owner has to pass on the supporting receipts, vouchers and other documents required for accounting for each and every dollar received and spent. The bookkeeper Perth has today can also be called upon to do some projects which may be one-off in nature.

Statutory Compliances

The government has laid down many rules and regulations that businesses have to follow. Mainly, there is the tax perspective. The job of the bookkeeper Perth firms hire would be to first complete the entries and draw out the balance sheet showing the profits made in the business. On this, the tax will be payable to the government. Now there are also follow-up actions in terms of a tax audit by the concerned agency. If the tax auditor finds that some of the expenses are not properly supported, then there can be claims raised. This is a situation every business should avoid and the bookkeeper can help in making sure the accounting is perfectly done.

Almost on similar lines, the employee benefits need to be provided for and evidence of timely payments properly recorded and maintained. This is a sensitive area since any error can lead to litigations or penalties the business may not be able to afford.

Visit sites like and gain more information on how you can seek the assistance of bookkeepers.