4 Best Reasons to Drive a Skoda in Brisbane

Skoda what? It’s not unusual for some Australians to not know about this European vehicle brand. For many decades, other well-known names, like Toyota and Mercedes, dominated the market. Investing in a new Skoda for sale, though, makes a lot of sense.

new skoda for sale

Here are the top reasons why Skoda deserves your money:

1. It’s part of the Volkswagen Group

Skoda is a Czech vehicle brand that has actually been around since the 1890s. Yes, it means it’s way older than its parent company, which began around 1937.

Despite this, Skoda was a joke for a lot of Europeans because of the poor design and unreliability of its models. It all changed when Volkswagen acquired it in 1991.

The brand benefited from the excellent track record of the German automaker. Even its marketing significantly improved.

Besides, buying a Skoda Fabia for sale today is like owning a top-of-the-line Volkswagen that is already comparable to luxury vehicles you find today.

2. The brand is about to go all-electric

Skoda is one of the brands that will embrace electrification soon. By 2020, the production of its electric versions will begin. By 2025, car enthusiasts can choose at least three options.

In Australia, buying an electric car may be practical for a couple of reasons. For one, the cost of petrol continues to increase.

According to, the price already reached its 11-year high last October 2019. Brisbane, meanwhile, had one of the highest increases in petrol. Regular unleaded costs $168.9 for every litre compared to $165.9 in Sydney.

3. Some of its cars are now well-recognised in the industry

Whether you’re buying a Skoda Octavia RS for sale or a Skoda Fabia for sale, you can guarantee that it’s a sturdy, well-designed vehicle. Proof: the different recognitions they received worldwide.

In 2019, for example, the German magazine Auto Bild voted Fabia as one of the best small vehicles for workers. Its closest rival, Octavia, is the most outstanding compact car.

The same year, JD Power crowned Fabia as the most favourite compact car by the Germans. An article in The Guardian in 2000, meanwhile, highlighted how it has one of the most loyal buyers. More than 75% of those who already owned a Skoda would consider purchasing another one.

4. Its reliability is already unquestionable

Here’s another benefit of getting a new Skoda for sale: reliability. It comes with a 5-year warranty, which is a standard in the market, but it also goes above and beyond.

It provides an unlimited-kilometre warranty, unlike other vehicle brands. Most would cap it to 150,000 kilometres. It means the brand covers repairs for 5 years regardless of the distance covered by your vehicle.

Skoda is also not a cheap brand, but you can already find a Skoda Octavia RS Wagon for sale that’s been pre-loved from Brisbane dealers. That makes it significantly affordable for those who want to try it.

That’s not the best part, though. It’s the fact that you may buy a used one that is still under warranty. It’s because the brand also allows you to transfer even such a warranty to another person.

Note: Only private and government vehicles can take advantage of the unlimited-kilometre warranty. A Skoda for business or public transport is under the 150,000-kilometre warranty.

Whether you’re getting a pre-loved or new Skoda for sale, one thing is sure: you’ll drive a reliable and safe car with all the comforts you’re looking for.